Control virtually everything in your home from your smart phone or mobile device. Apps are available for iOS and Android, and some systems have dedicated remotes and touch screens available as well. Lights, Climate, Home Theater, Home Audio, and Security are just some of the things that can be professionally integrated into an easy-to-use system that simplifies your busy life. If it plugs in, it can be automated. And now, Home Automation is more powerful and more affordable than ever.

A Smart Home, customized to your lifestyle…

The possibilities are truly endless.

What can be integrated into a Smart Home Automation system?
Virtually everything.


Control lights individually, by room, by zone, or for the entire home. Control landscape and outdoor lighting too. Smart dimmers allow you to set the ideal amount of light for the moment. Combine Lighting settings with Blinds, Climate, Home Audio, and more to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.


Blinds and draperies can be controlled individually, by room, or as a whole. Combine with Lighting, and other categories to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.


Control the temperature of a room, or as the home as a whole. Combine with other settings to create scenes for the day, night modes. Save money on utilities by optimizing your home’s heating and air conditioning systems.


Play or Stream different music to each room, or to entire home. Add a high-resolution audio server for unparalleled quality. Combine with Lighting, Blinds, & Climate, and more to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.


Distribute video from multiple sources to each TV or projector in you home. Add as many cable, satellite, Blu-ray, DVD, Netflix, and streaming devices as you want. Eliminate cable clutter with a Media Rack. For the sports enthusiast, add a video tiling system and be the king of your block.


One click on the mobile device app and the lights lower, the blinds close, and the Blu-ray you’ve been wanting to see starts to appear on your 150″ projection screen. Control the media players, lighting, screen masking, and more from the comfort of your seat.


Keep your home safe and secure. Control smart door locks, garage doors, and other points of ingress.


Cameras are an effective deterrent against crime. Keep track of your home with a surveillance system. Receive a message and view video recorded when packages are delivered. View live and recorded video remotely from your computer or mobile device.

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